Your idea alive, on paper, on screen, on stage!


Artec Group GmbH is a live event production company situated in Graz. Under one roof we unite expertise & equipment for stage, lights, audio & video.

Mail us at for services, at for dryhire or call us at +43 316 272 380.

Audio, Video & Lighting Design

With your input our designers create audio, video and lighting concepts for your event. Our team works highly interconnected. Options are discussed between all departments to ensure efficiency and the best final outcome. In the process audio, video and lighting consoles will be preprogrammed to shorten the necessary time on site. Finally, all technical documents for the installation process will be created.

Dry Hire, Equipment Rental

You need lights, sound equipment, stage elements, trussing etc. Our large and diverse pool of equipment is ready to be rented out to you. If needed, we can also organize transportation with our truck fleet. Our equipment can be hired with or without staff taking care of setup and installation.

Human Resources

Through the Artec Group network you can add manpower to your team. Expand your capacity, outsource to create flexibility. Artec Group is a licensed provider for temporary work services.
  • sound designer
  • lighting designer
  • video designer
  • event designer


  • sound technician
  • sound assistant
  • light technician
  • light assistant
  • stage technician
  • stage assistant
  • video technician
  • video assistant
  • camera operators
  • follow-spot operators
  • rigger
  • hands


  • structural engineer
  • acoustician
  • broadcast director
  • 3D audio specialist

Recording & Broadcast

Document your magic moments. Any event should seize the opportunity to create podcasts, trailers, CDs, Blurays and Video-On-Demand for marketing reasons and to create further sources of income. This can reach from simple stereo recordings to complex HiRes AV productions of concerts, festivals etc.

What we can offer:

  • 32 channel DSD/DXD high end recording setup
  • 196 channel 96khz recording setup for large-scale events
  • multicamera OB Van for complex AV productions
  • affordable stereo and single camera recording setups
  • 2.0 to 7.1.4/3D Postproduction Studio
  • VR Postproduction Studio
  • 4K Video Editing & Color Grading Suite